I’m a graphic designer, building a tiny house in Sacramento, California for myself and my daughter. I started my build in Summer 2015 and have almost completed the home as of Summer 2017. We are now living in the tiny house, but I have just a few more details to finalize. We are still looking for a spot to park, so we haven’t even begun the fun part of moving all of our stuff in and decorating. Can’t wait!

Our tiny house on wheels is 240 sq ft (400 sq ft including the two lofts), built on an 8.5′ x 32′ trailer. I’ve designed our home to include two separate bedrooms with doors for privacy, as well as a full kitchen and bathroom, living area, work station (I work from home), and plenty of storage.

As a single-mom, I’m trying my very best to guide my daughter through her adolescence with intention. My goal in building this house is to provide a peaceful and comforting space for us to call “home”, while gaining some financial freedom and more time together.

I’m so grateful to those who came before me and spread the word about the tiny house movement. The fact that my forever dream to build my own house is tangible at this point in my life feels unreal. I’m fully enjoying the challenge of creating a unique space that encompasses all that we need, while having the freedom to incorporate creativity and history into the build.

I don’t make time to blog as often as I had intended (too busy building in my spare time!) but I do post on Instagram regularly. If you’d like the most recent updates on my build, please visit www.instagram.com/hertinyhome.

Check out this post for more details on what lead me to my decision to build a tiny home.

Thank you for your interest in Her Tiny Home. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

– Shalina