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Closet to Bedroom Conversion

This tiny house wont be the first home I’ve had to get creative with, as far as designing a room for Katie. Back in 2012, we moved into the 1930s 4-plex that I mentioned in this post. I was technically working with a one-bedroom apartment, but the space had a couple storage closets that were decent sized. One in particular was large enough to fit a twin bed. Problem is, that’s all that would have fit in there. The whole apartment had high ceilings, so a loft bed was my immediate thought. This would essentially double the space in her “room”. I drew up some plans that included the loft bed, plenty of shelving, a tiny closet, and space for two dressers. With the help of my dad, the structure went in pretty quickly.

Katie chose to have chalkboard paint on the top half of the room and purple on the bottom, and I painted the wood the color of the trim in the rest of the house. In hindsight, I probably should have made the executive decision to go with a lighter color on the walls to make the room feel larger, but she ended up covering them with stuff anyways and the joy of seeing her random drawings all over the chalk walls was enough to not care.

Katie still talks about this house as her “favorite”, despite the small bedroom. I’m convinced its because it was cozy and custom-made, just for her. Her new room will be a very different layout, as the whole thing will be a loft. But I plan on customizing it just as much to fit her needs and her personality.

Here’s a good before and after photo:

Yes, that is Justin Bieber all over her walls. She went through a “phase”. We’re very glad it’s over.